Ways to slip punches in boxing

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3 min readJul 19, 2022

Have you ever wondered how efficiently Muhammad Ali can start boxing? Don’t you want to practice the seamless process of boxing?

It’s all about the techniques of boxing that help you become efficient. You can undergo boxing training in Melbourne from professionals. If you want to become a professional in boxing, you need to start practicing regularly.

The ability of professional boxers lies in how you train. Therefore, it is crucial that you join classes for boxing training in Melbourne. The easiest way for practicing slip punches is that the process is quite simple, and all of it completely depends on the slip punches.

Some of the common tips that you need to follow for boxing training in Melbourne include:

Slip inside the jab

When you undergo professional boxing training in Melbourne, you need to move ahead with slipping inside the jab. If you want to skip a punch inside the jab, you need to center your entire weight and start with both the hands. It is advisable that you maintain the position with the weight centered with your legs placed in a squared manner.

It is advisable that you maintain a defensive position. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to retaliate in such a position. Once your legs are positioned efficiently, you can rotate the body clockwise. Allowing the body to rotate clockwise will allow you to maintain the guard of your body as you move with the slip punch.

Slip outside the jab

While you can slip inside the jab, you can also slip outside the jab. Nonetheless, it is crucial that you maintain the body posture so that you can practice how to slip outside the jab. When you enroll for a boxing gym in Melbourne, make sure that you practice slipping outside the jab.

Make sure that you stand with your feet and shoulder apart. The less dominant foot is the left foot. When you are practicing slipping outside the jab make sure that you practice a defensive stance. It will help you stay in the right position especially outside the jab.

While in the previous position, you need to move anti-clockwise, in this position, you will have to move clockwise. You should consider leaning slightly towards the right. Furthermore, you should maintain the position of the right leg. These are small and fast movements. However, make sure to balance the pivot of your feet.

Be Quick and Agile

When you enroll for boxing training in Melbourne, you must know that boxing is all about speed and agility. In the initial phases itself, you will be taught about quickness and agility. You can practice agility drills.

Make sure that you’re maintaining the movement of your head. If your head movement is irregular, it can lead to irregular rhythms. Therefore, there will be chances that you will be prone to the hit. These are just basic tips that your boxing trainer will provide you.

Slip punches aren’t an easy thing. Therefore, you need to work with professionals who will help to enhance your techniques. You might as well book a trial class before choosing any professional class.

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